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Munich Escape for a stay with a difference. A city of Munich's size needs and deserves several days exploring to see even a fraction of what the city has to offer.


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EK 3 bedroom at Pasing

EK 3 bedroom at Pasing-3 Bedrooms in Pasing

id 41


sleeps 8 guest, 120 sqm


3 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms




location Pasing


Instant Confirmation


base rate EUR 275.00 p/night


Maximilianstrasse apartment

Maximilianstrasse apartment-1 Bedroom in Maximilianstrasse

id 38


sleeps 2 guest, 53 sqm


1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom




location Maximilianstrasse


Instant Confirmation


base rate EUR 100.00 p/night


MunichEscape Grand Apartment

MunichEscape Grand Apartment-1 Bedroom in Munich Center, Stadtmitte

id 9


sleeps 4 guest, 95 sqm


1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom




location Munich Center, Stadtmitte


Instant Confirmation


base rate EUR 200.00 p/night


MunichEscape Deluxe Apartment

MunichEscape Deluxe Apartment-1 Bedroom in Munich Center, Stadtmitte

id 8


sleeps 4 guest, 85 sqm


1 Bedroom, 1 bathroom




location Munich Center, Stadtmitte


Instant Confirmation


base rate EUR 180.00 p/night


MunichEscape Junior studio

MunichEscape Junior studio-Studio in Munich Center, Stadtmitte

id 6


sleeps 4 guest, 45 sqm


Studio, 1 bathroom


internet, balcony


location Munich Center, Stadtmitte


Instant Confirmation


base rate EUR 290.00 p/night

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Munich Hotels and Apartments

Munich, capital of Bavaria, Germany, has as its motto “Munich Likes You”. It is indeed a friendly city, and after your stay, you will like Munich right back. Most well-known for its annual Oktoberfest beer festival, Munich also has a lot to offer throughout the rest of the year. Pick up the friendly, lively, exciting, positive vibe of this city and go to Marienplatz to shop your heart out, to the north of which lies Schwabing, which is the nightlife area, while to the west Marienplatz lies the museum area with magnificent museums, providing for all your cultural needs.

Assuring your stay in Munich to be absolutely perfect, you can get yourself a nice, comfortable and relaxed form of accommodation. You can avoid the standard hotel room and instead spend your holiday time in your very own Munich apartment. This will grant you all the convenience and privacy of your own home, and you can really get into the Munich city life, just like you were a local.

Here at WorldEscape we offer a wide range of holiday apartments, whether it is short term or long stay, in popular areas such as right in the middle of the city centre, or surrounded by the vibrancy of the party area of Schawbing. Renting an apartment in Munich is not as easy as in most cities but we have managed to gather together a selection that caters for all budgets and groups of all sizes. When renting an apartment you'll not only save money by being able to cook your meals and snacks as you have your own kitchen,  but at the same time you'll enjoy a much more relaxing stay, as you have a sofa to cuddle up on and many other home comforts. Our Munich group  accommodation offers guests a much more comfortable stay than the average Munich Hotel room.

WorldEscape is a family-run company and we have been in the online holiday apartment booking business since the start of the Internet craze. We have been gathering the best accommodation options for you in Munich since 2004, and are happy to be able to offer a wide range of options now. We know every property we offer here online and we always make sure to have people on the ground. Should you have any questions, problems, or would simply like some assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us through our live chat, email or telephone service, and a trained assistant will be there to help you straight away.





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