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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

WorldEscape.com is not in the business of collecting information on our visitors or customers. 

We collect the bare minimum of information from guests in order to process their reservation.

This information is shared with the owner/manager of the property you have reserved. No information collected by WorldEscape.com is disclosed or sold to any other third parties.

Cookies are used by WorldEscape.com in providing this service.

We view protection of users privacy as a very important community principle. We store and process your information on computers located in various countries. The information may pass through countries outside of that where it was collected or stored depending on the locations of the guest, the accommodation manager and the WorldEscape.com computers. If you object to your Information being transferred or used in this way please do not use our services.

We cannot definitively exclude the possibility that our server could be accessed by unauthorised intruders. We, therefore, offer no guarantee whatsoever that any data stored on our servers are immune to unauthorised access, and we accept no responsibility whatsoever for damages arising from unauthorised access of our servers.